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The Dart lidded pot silicone mould

The Dart lidded pot silicone mould


The Dart is a wonderful pot and lid combo.

Perfect as storage jars or candle vessels.


The Dart come in two sizes, Short or tall. The lid fits both lids.


The dimentions of  The Dart are 



70mm/2.7 inches tallwith the lid 

35mm/1.4 inches without the lid

27mm/1 inch internal depth

94mm/3.7 inches internal width

104mm/4.1 inches wide 



62mm/2.4 inches tall

93mm/3.6 inches tall with lid

404mm/4.1 inches wide

54mm/2.1 inches internal depth

94mm/3.7inches internal width


All moulds are made to order and designed in our Devon workshop and are not to be remoulded 



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